The Graduate College House Committee maintains some of the facilities available to residents of the College. These include laundry rooms, common areas, the Coffee House, certain things available at Porter’s Lodge, and DBar.

Laundry Rooms

There are two laundry rooms in the Graduate College: The Old Graduate College (OGC) laundry room is located in the basement of the 15th entryway, and the New Graduate College (NGC) laundry room is located in the basement of the 34th entryway. The OGC laundry room contains 6 high-efficiency washers and 8 dryers and a big sink. The NGC laundry room contains 5 high-efficiency washers and 8 dryers.

All the washers and dryers are app-operated.  See the PDF below for instructions on using the app, or see the following tutorial video: Caleco Laundry App Tutorial. If you have problems using the app, please contact princeton@caleco.net for assistance.

If you do not own a bluetooth-enabled device and cannot use the app, please email gchouse@princeton.edu for help accessing laundry services.

Note: broken machines can be reported through the Caleco app.

For additional information:
Caleco Laundry App Instructions

Common Areas

There are several common rooms in the Graduate College. These include:
  • A common area in the OGC between Procter Hall and Porter’s Lodge with several couches and a fireplace for social gatherings (this is where we hold our weekly social hours!)
    • We order firewood when the weather gets cold! It is stored in the fake fireplace (on the other side of the wall as the real fireplace) right outside the dining hall.
  • A smaller common area in the NGC with a book exchange and an attached kitchen area
  • A TV room in the OGC basement just outside the DBar:
    • Details on how to use it can be found here.
    • In general, do NOT unplug anything, use only LCD cleaners or cleaning wipes, and make sure both TV and XFinity boxes are on to watch it.
    • Further questions, please contact: gcfix@princeton.edu
  • A TV room in the NGC in front of the common area with air conditioning (instructions for the TV rooms here: GC-tv-Room-Instructions)
  • A games area with a pool table, a ping pong table, and vending machines between the DBar and the OGC TV room
  • A music room in the NGC in front of the common area equipped with various musical instruments (ask Porter’s Lodge for the code to get in)
  • The Van Dyke Library in OGC

In addition to these common areas, the Office of Information Technology also maintains two computer clusters in the Graduate College (one in OGC and one in NGC).

Coffee House

The GC Coffee House is an ideal place to study in a casual atmosphere. The Coffee House is located on the first floor of the 11th and 12th entryways of the OGC, open most nights from 7:30pm-10:30pm during the academic year. It’s subsidized by GC House dues, so the food and drinks are free! Available are a wide variety of freshly-brewed coffees (including espresso drinks and cappuccino), hot chocolate, and teas (including loose teas). This is a popular spot for group study and quiet conversation, as well as weekend game nights.

Porter’s Lodge

Porter’s Lodge provides some important facilities for the Graduate College such as mailboxes, vacuum cleaners, and bike pumps.


The Debasement Bar (DBar) is a private club managed by the House Committee. It serves resident and non-resident members of the Graduate College House who are over 21 years of age. More info here!