The House Committee provides assistance to registered student organizations for events held at the Graduate College. The maximum amount granted per event is $500. As a budgetary guideline, depending on the number of estimated attendees, $10 per person for snacks or lunch and $25 per person for a full meal or dinner is considered an appropriate spending range. We cannot support purchases of alcohol or assets. The event must be held at the Graduate College. The event must be open to all graduate students, and the Graduate College House Committee must be advertised as a co-sponsor.

An application consists of a description of the event and an itemized budget including other sources of funding. We recommend submitting your application at least two weeks in advance of your proposed event date.

We will notify you by email with the outcome of your funding application. If successful, you should send us a promotional email which we will distribute to the Graduate College listservs to help promote your event.

Once the event has been held, we require that you send us copies of original receipts as proof of expenditure. We will then reimburse your PU account number up to the amount granted.

To apply for funding, please use the Student Activities Funding Engine (SAFE).