Survival Guide

We have created a not -so short guide to survival in GC and in Princeton where you can find plenty of useful information concerning life in GC and Princeton with a bunch of useful tips and tricks including from best restaraunts and shops.


Get Involved

Do you like to throw huge parties? Do you like clean clothes? Do you like dbar? Yes? Remember that huge Hallowe'en party in Procter Hall? Yep, we did that. You know the laundry machines that you use? Yep, we make sure they stay running. You know that bar in the basement, dbar? The people who keep it running are on the House Committee. We do lots of cool things, and lots of things that keep the GC a cool place to live.Let's do cool things together!

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Whoa! One of the laundry machines has crashed again? Is something wrong with a projector room? Well, our skillful Regular Facilities Officers will fix it as soon as possible jus let us know what happened and where.

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